A Balance of Conviviality and Solitude.

By carefully planning its spaces, The Matteo has created an exceptional blend of community and solitude, with communal areas for residents to socialize and private units designed to offer a serene escape.

Experience the grand arrival at The Matteo, where meticulous space planning has seamlessly woven together a unique harmony of community and solitude. Communal areas invite residents to socialize, while private units are thoughtfully designed to provide a tranquil escape, striking a perfect balance between shared experiences and personal serenity


Direct Elevator Access   /   Bicycle Parking   /   Private Storage   /   Rooftop Terrace   /   Full-Time Doorman and Concierge

Step into the refined elegance of The Matteo's lobby, adorned with luxurious Carrara marble, bespoke millwork panels, and a distinguished Saint Laurent marble desk. The combination of opulent materials creates a sophisticated and welcoming entrance that sets the tone for the upscale ambiance of the establishment.
Behold the crown of The Matteo's building, distinguished by a custom bulkhead design. The architectural pinnacle not only enhances the structure's aesthetics but also showcases a unique and carefully crafted element, adding a touch of bespoke elegance to the skyline.
Discover the tranquility of The Matteo's landscaped rooftop, offering a perfect blend of leisure and relaxation. The space features designated areas for grilling and sunbathing, creating an inviting atmosphere for residents to enjoy outdoor activities against the backdrop of meticulously designed greenery.